The first and one of the most important of these branches is the Sunday School. It was started in 1881 and has, since that time, continued uninterrupted, developed and improved. It was started with less than a dozen and has now 264 children. Almost the whole time C. J. Lundgren has been its director or superintendent. He has been the formal director for 18 years but actively so for 20 years. As soon as he came here from Sweden 1883 he began to work in the Sunday School. He has now begun to turn gray in this service. Mr. Lundgren has a special gift to talk to the children and with his cheerful and lively way, he wins their attention easily. He is also, without exception, loved by both the children and the teachers. Brother Lundgren has, in spite of severe testings, kept his mind youthful and truthfully very child-like. May the Sunday School keep him for a long time. He also preaches and leads services in the absence of the pastor. He has continually had that responsibility since 1905. Also, he has made small preaching tours on the field and is gladly heard.

The Sunday School has a faithful and energetic staff consisting of 24 teachers. The Sunday School has 18 classes, one of which is a "primary" class consisting of 40 children and a Bible class of older people, that is led by the pastor . The whole number in Sunday School, big and small, is 289. The Sunday School has since 1891 contributed to the Covenant's Alaska Mission through a birthday savings system.

Another of the oldest branches of activity is the "syforeningen" (sewing circle). It was started 1881, with about one dozen members. The first auction was conducted in the Presbyterian Church by Pastor Bjork. Many auctions sometimes went quite high in spite of the relatively small number of members. During Pastor Staberg's time, at the start, an auction was held that brought $260. Our sisters have persistently and faithfully worked for the good of the church. One here and there has tired and quit the sewing circle, some have moved "home", but many have remained at their "posts".

Many new members have been added. The circle has brought "beautiful" sums to the church's treasury and this year they have made special efforts with good success. Now the circle meets once a month and then has an edification session and the women bring finished items. They also have their own treasury to do with as they please. From their own treasury the women distribute help to the poor, sick, and the mission, etc. Every month two of the members are selected to call on the sick and make house visits.




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