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Don Thompson wrote:

I think it about time to see if all of David Thomson's male descendants with the surname Thomson /Thompson are really cousins. My search started in Google with ThompsonDNA then FamilytreeDNA. 

Only the Thompson males would have the Y Chromosome with some matching numbers if they are related.

Contact Don if you'd like to find out more

December 2008 -

The main reason for this memo is to add some DNA information. I have been connected to several Thompsons, but the most interesting one is David Brent Thompson, a fifth cousin, once removed. Our earliest common ancestor is William Thompson born in 1741/42 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. David's DNA ID is T68, mine is T45. This means we know the DNA of 14 ancestors including someone that died two centuries ago.

On the Relationship charts below, we attempt to illustrate this relationship. Click on each image to view a larger detail.

T-45 and T-68 are descended from Richard Thompson who was born in 1528 in either England or Scotland [the pedigrees disagree on the birth place]. This is another extraordinary match, because these two men do not share a common ancestor for at least eight generations. Their Most Recent Common Ancestor is William Thompson, b. 1742 MA, who married Lydia Dyer, so he shared their Y-chromosome markers. To confirm the pedigree for earlier generations, we seek descendants from other lines of William Thompson, b. 1713 MA, m. Mehitable Hillard; Benjamin Thompson, b. 1684 MA, d. 1750, m. Sarah Aldrich; John Thompson Jr., b. 1642 MA, d. 1739, m. Thankful Woodland; John Thompson, b. 1618/19 England, d. 1685, MA, m. Sarah Woodman; David Thompson, b. c!592, d. 1628 England m. Amyes Colle; Richard Thompson Jr., b. c!555, d. 1603 England, m. Florence Cromlan; and Richard Thompson b. 1528.



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