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President John Adams

President John Adams' father Deacon John Adams was brother to Josiah Adams who was married to Bethia, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Darling) Thomson of Mendon.

We are descended from Benjamin and Martha (Darling) Thomson, aunt and uncle to Bethia who was President Adams' aunt Bethia (Thomson) Adams.

Samuel and Benjamin Thomson's father was John Thomson married to Hannah Wight.
His father was John Thomson married to Thankful Woodland.
John's father was John Thomson married to Sarah.
John was the son of David Thomson and Amias Cole Thomson (2nd husband, Samuel Maverick).

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P.S. Basically, if President Adams and his cousin Sam visited their uncle and aunt in Mendon, chances are they also would spend time with our direct grandparents too. We are what is known as an allied family.

John Adams (October 30, 1735 (O.S. October 19, 1735) July 4, 1826) was the second President of the United States (17971801), having earlier served as the first Vice President of the United States. An American Founding Father,[2] he was a statesman, diplomat, and a leader of American independence from Great Britain. Sam Adams, the 4th governor of Massachusetts and Founding Father, was his cousin. (Wikipedia)


Henry Adams (1), was born in England in 1626; married in Braintree, November 26, 1650, Abigail, daughter of Gregory and Margaret (Paddy) Baxter, of Boston. He died in Boston, August 27, 1692, aged fifty-eight years. He was a maltster by trade, and a man of some importance. He was admitted a freeman 1653; was selectman in 1673. He died in Braintree, December 6, 1694, aged sixty-eight years.

Their children:

I. Hannah, born in Braintree, November 13. 1652; married, April 10, 1672-3 Deacon Samuel Savil, son of William Savil, who died December 14, 1700.

2. Joseph, born in Braintree, December 24, 1654: mentioned below.

3. John, born in Braintree, February 12, 1656; died January 27, 1657.

4. Abigail, born in Braintree, February 27, 1658; married John Bass, Jr., son of John and Ruth (Alden) Bass.

5. Captain John, born in Braintree, December 20, 1661; married Hannah Webb; second, October 19, 1694, Hannah Checkley.

6. Bethia, born in Braintree, December 20. 1661; married, May, 1680, John Webb.

7. Mary, born September 8, 1663, died young. 8. Samuel, born September 3, 1665, died in infancy.

9. Mary, born February 25, 1667-8, married Deacon Samuel Bass.

10. Captain Peter, born February 7, 1669-70; married February 12, 1695, Mary Webb, daughter of Christopher Webb.

11. Jonathan, born January 31. 1671.

12. Mehitable. born November 23, 1673; married July 21, 1697. Thomas White, Jr.

(III) Joseph Adams, son of Joseph Adams (2), was born in Braintree, December 24. 1654. He married February 20. 1682, Mary Chapin. who was born August 27. 1662, and died June 14. 1687. He married second. 1688, Hannah, daughter of John and Ruth (Alden) Bass, and granddaughter of the Pilgrim and Mayflower ancestors, John and Priscilla (Molines) Alden. Hence all descendants of this marriage are eligible to the Mayflower Society. Joseph Adams married third. Elizabeth Hobart, daughter of Caleb Hobart, of Braintree. She died February 13, 1739, aged seventy-one years. Joseph Adams was selectman of Braintree 1673 and 1698-0, He died in Braintree. February 12. 1736-7. He and John Bass both served in King Philip's war in August, 1676.

Children of Joseph and Mary (Chapin) Adams:

1. Mary, bom February 6, 1683; married April, 1714, Ephraim Jones. Jr.; she died January 30. '733-4-

2- Abigail, born February 17, 1684; married February 5, 1713, Seth Chapin, Jr. of Mendon; married second, Elizabeth , who died in Mendon April 28, 1722.

Children of Joseph and Hannah (Bass) Adams.

3. Rev. Joseph, born January 4, 1688; married first, October 13, 1720, Mrs. Elizabeth Janvrin, of Newington, New Hampshire; second, January 3, 1760, Elizabeth Janvrin, of Greenland, New Hampshire; pastor of Newington for sixty-six years.

4. Deacon John, born February 8, 1691-2; married October 31, 1734. Susanna Boylston.

5. Samuel, born January 28. 1694; married October 6, 1720, Sarah, daughter of Deacon Moses Paine.

6. Josiah, born February 18, 1696; mentioned below.

7. Hannah, born February 21, 1698; married February 4, 1725, Benjamin Owen.

8. Ruth, born March 21, 1700; married November 21, 1731, Rev. Nathan Webb, of Uxbridge; he was the first settled minister, February 7, 1731, at Uxbridge.

9. Bethia, born June 13, 1702; married April 28, 1737, Ebenezer Hunt, son of Ephraim of Weymouth.

10. Captain Ebenezer, born December 30, 1704; married Anne Boylston. Child of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hobart) Adams:

11. Caleb, born May 26, 1710; died June 4. 1710.

(IV) Josiah Adams, son of Joseph Adams (3), was born in Braintree, February 18, 1696; married November 25, 1718, Bethia, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Thompson. She was born March 20, 1693. He purchased land at Mendon, January 1, 1734, and was dismissed June 6, 1735, from the church in Braintree to that in Mendon. He died in Mendon, July 30, 1802.


1. Josiah, born in Braintree, September 20, 1722; died January 20, 1742-3.

2. Josiah. born in Braintree, September 6, 1727; mentioned below.

3. Joseph, born in Braintree, July 4, 1729; died July 30.

4. Edward, born in Braintree, May 4, 1731; died in Quincy, Massachusetts, August 10. 1734.

5- Joel, baptized at Mendon, May 14, 1745. 6. John, baptized in Mendon, December 15, 1745.

(V) Josiah Adams, son of Josiah Adams (4), was born Braintree, September 6, 1727: married December 27, 1750, Sarah, daughter of Lieutenant John and Lucy Reed of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. She was born October 24. 1729. He was a farmer at Mendon.

Their children:

1. Bethia, born in Mendon, October 14, 1751, probably died young.

2. Dr. Joseph, born in Mendon, August 17, 1754; married March 22, 1778, Sarah Smith; surgeon's mate 1780; selectman of Mendon; representative to general court; removed to Uxbridge in 1828.

3. Deacon Josiah, born October 20, 1756; married, 1783, Dolly Kinnicut, of Providence; second. December
29, 1791, Mrs. Anna Taft Rockwood.

4. Sally, born April 1, 1759, died young.

5. Bethia, born April 9, 1762; married Waters; no issue.

6. Hon. Benjamin, born December 18, 1764; mentioned below.

7. Seth. born January 2, 1768.

(VI) Hon. Benjamin Adams, son of Josiah Adams (5), was born in Mendon. Massachusetts, December 18, 1764. He was a cousin of President John Adams, whose lineage was: President John (5); Deacon John (4); Joseph (3); Joseph (2): Henry (1). Deacon John (4) was brother of Benjamin's grandfather, Josiah (4), and the president was his father's first cousin.

* Much of this genealogy comes from "Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County, Massachusetts: With a History of Worcester Society of Antiquity, Volume 3" (Google eBook)

The documents are direct quotes and should not be taken and used as one's own work without identifying the source.

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