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From: daisy

Would you be the one to take and post corrections to Amy's book? If not, who would be; or is anybody interested in corrections?

My Great Great Grandfather was William B. Thompson (pg. 99 and 157 in Amy's book); his father was Olney Thompson, Sr. (pg 98).

Olney Thompson, Jr. was William's brother (pg 99); Amy has listed a "Lydia Meader" daughter of "Jonathan and Lydia Allen" as his wife by second marriage.

Actually this "Lydia Meader" was "Louisa Meader's" (married to William B. T) Grandmother and not Olney Jr's wife.

The Lydia Meader that married Olney Jr. was born: 1805 and died: 3/22/1887 and is buried next to Olney Jr. in the Friends Cemetery in Bloomington Twp, Muscatine County, Iowa. Louisa and Lydia (sisters)'s parents are James Meader (son of Jonathan & Lydia Allen Meader) and Content Winslow.

The parents of the Lydia Meader b: 1800 d: 1826 listed as his wife are indeed Jonathan and Lydia Allen but Jonathan & Lydia Allen are Louisa and Lydia Meader's grandparents. HAVE I TOTALLY CONFUSED YOU????

It would be a lot easier if our ancestors didn't keep repeating names hundreds of times!!!! But what helped me track this down was the way they use to use a parents last name as a child's middle name. (for instance my Great Grandfather was James Meader Thompson (pg 157 or Amy's book); further confirming the parentage of Louisa. If anybody wants the info from James Meader on down, let me know. I have lots of info.

I received my information to confirm this from the Windham, Maine Friend's Church marriage records and from the Bloomington Friends Cemetery.

So, the record for Olney Thompson, Jr. should be: (2) marriage 10/2/1823 in Rochester, Strafford, New Hampshire to Lydia Meader B. 1805 in Maine d: 3/22/1887 in Bloomington Twp, Muscatine Cty, Iowa; buried at the Bloomington Friends Cemetery. Parents: James and Content Winslow Meader married 9/13/1801.

I don't know if anybody has entered information from Amy's book into their own trees, but if so, they might be interested in corrections even is minor. I know I would.

Daisy Thompson McClure

From: daisy

If you got my previous e-mail about the mix up and/or correction for Amy's book on the Lydia Meader that married Olney Thompson, Jr., please disregard part of it.

I was right about the Lydia Meader B: 1805 being the wife of Olney, but so was another Lydia Meader B: 1800!!!! So, therefore, the Lydia Meader in Amy's book is correct as far as the second wife goes. But he also had a 3rd wife also named Lydia Meader B 1805 and the infor I gave you on her was correct except the marriage date should have been 6/30/1831. Lydia 1800 was Lydia 1805's Aunt.

Lydia 1800's parents are Jonathan & Lydia Allen Meader

James Meader's parents are Jonathan & Lydia Allen Meader.

Lydia 1805's parents are James and Content Winslow Meader.

I guess there's something to be said about keeping it in the family!!! LOL


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