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Excerpts from "The Annals of Mendon"

Dorchester 22:5:1662

Rules for settling the Plantation granted at Netmocke (now Mendon) listed as accepted from Braintree: Goodman Thompson  required to settle before the end of the 7th month 1663

First settlers:

John Moore
George Aldrich
Mathias Puffer
John Woodland
Fredinando Thayer
Daniel Lovett
John Harber

Before 24 March 1664 they were joined by:

John Gurney
Walter cook
Joseph Whitle
John Thompson
Abraham Staples
Joseph Aldridge
Josh Jepson
Joh Rockett

First Town Meeting

"The ffremen and the rest of the Inhabitants Mett, June 7th. 1667 and then did choose for theire Selectmen to order their Prudentiall affairs, Coll. Willi Crowne, Goodman Benjamin Alby, ffardinando Thayre, Dan: Lovett and John Thompson, seniour
                            & Coll. Crowne, Register.

Hog Reive:

all swine shoud be "eyther yoaked, kept up or otherwise secured and looked toe." The hog reive was ordered "to take care that his order about swine be duly observed, and for his paynes and care herein he shall have fower pence for each animal he may find doing damage."

Dates in Mendon History

July 14, 1667
a share of Meadow allotted to John Thompson, ye elder

Benjamin Albee to build grist mill in exchange for 50 acres
John Thompson granted lands

19 May 1669
John Thomson, junior signs Petition to Generall Courte Sittinge at Boston concerning Indian troubles over land survey disputes, etc. "King Philip pretends a great share in our best land & meddo, so wee must mend our line for peace sake..."

1 Dec 1669
John Thompsons ser. and jr. sign document relating to provisions for Rev. Joseph Emerson of Concord, the first settled minister of the town

1 Jan 1671
J. Thompson "ye elder" chosen Selectman for the year

14 June 1671
"Severall of the Towne drew lotts for the dubling of their house lotts, as followeth, to be taken in two plains." (plains designated were the Mill plain, south of Benjamin Alby's land, and the Pine plain.)

Division of the Plains.

John Thompson is listed as one of 37 shareholders of the undivided land of the township

1 Jan 1672
Selectman John Thomson, senior signs a documents with his mark (I)

22 July 1662
John Thomson receives land in Division of Swamps (Committee rules that every 30 acre house lot get 5 acres of swamp)

1 Jan 1673
John Thompson chosen Selectman again

"It was also Agred upon that John Sprage and John Thomson junior shall be vewers of fence for the uper end of the Towne..."

1 Jan 1674
John Thompson, junior, chosen towns man (Selectman)

Inn Keeper Chosen

"John Thompson, senior, Chosen for the kepe an ordenery and publique Hous of Inter tainement."

This was the first public house in Mendon, and was located near the homestead of the late Hon. Charles C. P. Hastings

King Philip's War
- began with an attack on Mendon July 14, 1675
- no town records from 1675 to 1680
- town abandoned
- four or five people killed

"deserted Mendham was, this winter, (1675-6) laid in ashes." (Hutchinson's "History of Massachusetts")
After the war ended, John Thompson, senr,and John Thompson, jr. returned with the first group.

3 Jan 1680
first town meeting since the abandonment
JOHN THOMSON jr chosen a Surveyor of Highways

16 Jan 1680
John Thompson chosen Selectman
Samuel Hayward to build new meeting house

John Thomson sr and jr sign petition to "Court Now sitting at Boston" re: rebuilding of Mendon

25h May 1685
Temperance Movement

John Thomson sr & jr sign petition to not give liquor to Indians "The glory of God is not a little wronged by the almost dayly Drunkenes of the Heathen and Religion much disgraced, but also our lives and the lives of our wives and children In dayly Hazard."

12 Mar 1686
John Thomson sr fence viewer

2 Jan 1687
John Thomson sr surveyor of highways

1 Jan 1694
voted at town meeting that John Thomson should have "old Meeting House" for four pounds in current money of New England

Bounty on Wolves

John Thomson, one wolf May 4 1694 1.00.00
John Thomson, one wolf May 6 1695

By an Act of the General Court passed 20 Mar 1699, Wells, Kittery, York, Amesbury, Haverhill, Dunstable, Chelmsfor, Groton, Lancaster, Marlboro, Brookfield, Deerfiedl, Mendon and Woodstock were declared to be "Frontier Towns."

Nov. 9. 1685 "John Thomson, sen" (senior) died

Between 1699 and 1705 Samuel Thomson and Samuel, the son of John Thomson, had died

5th division of land
John Thomson jr. gets lot
Woodland Thomson gets lot

5 Mar 1711
John Thomson, John Corbit and others had liberty to build a saw mill on the town's common, "on Second Bridge (Charles) River," below the Dedham Tree. This tree was upon a bend of Charles River, a little north from the house of Ellis Bullard in Bellingham. The saw mill was on the north bank of Charles River, a short distance to the northwest from the Bellingham Station on the Air Line Railroad

3 Mar 1712
John Thomson chosen constable

22 Dec 1713
John Thomson paid 00 02 00 for "1 day running line"

6th division of land 1713
Benjamin Thomson
Woodland Thomson
John Thomson jr
John Thomson sr
David Thomson

(Presumably the John Thomson sr. mentioned here was the previous jr. and now that the first John has died he gets the title, and his son becomes junior.)

23 Nov 1713
John Thomson paid 01 00 00 for sweeping meeting house out

4 Mar 1717
Sergt. John Thomson Selectman
Hogg Constables - John Thomson jr
Samuel Thomson died 10 Oct. 1704

24 Jan 1718
Ensign John Thomson chosen part of a committee "to Receive and take Care of, from ye heirs of Elder Samuel Read, Dec'd, the Town's Book and wrightings of the Town's concerns which were in their hands...."

"Lot as Drawn for ye Seventh Devision"
6. Ens. John Thomson
51. David Thomson
66. John Thomson jr.
76. Benjamin Rockwood
80. Benjamin Darling
126. Woodland Thomson
134. Benjamin Thomson
146. Ebenezer Thomson

Incorporation of Bellingham

Nov 17, 1719 petition laid before the General Court

"That Wehreas ye above sd Inhabitance are Situated at a Remoat Distance from ye Respective Towns ... and that they have Little or no Benefit of Town Priviledges or haveing Benefit of ye Schools we do Respectively Pay to... Our Prayer Therefore is That your Honours would Graciously plase to Consider our Difficult Circumstances and grant us our we may be Enabled in Ceonvenient time to obtain ye Gospel & Public Worship of God Settled & our Inconveniences by Reason of our Remoatness be Removed: granting uw such Time of Dispence from Public Taxes....

signed by (in part)

John Darling
John Thomson
Ebenezer Thayer
Cornelius Darling
Samuel Hayward
John Thompson jr.
Richard Blood
Joseph Holbrook
Samuel Thomson
Samuel Darling
Joseph Thomson

approved 26 Nov 1719 with John Thomson, John Darling and John Marsh empowered to call a town meeting any time the following March

27 Nov 1719
town to be called Bellingham (after Gov. Bellingham)
Mendon protests

5 Mar 1753
Trask's (formerly Samuel Thompson's) mill was situated on an island in the Great (now Blackstone) River, at what is now Millville, and, it seems, there were at this time no bridges connecting the grist mill with either bank of the river, or, if there were any, they had become unsafe for use.

Muster Rolls, Vol 97, the following on p. 95

"Return of men enlisted or impressed for his Majesty's Service within the Province of Massachusetts Bay, in Col. Whiting's Regiment, under the Command of Jeffrey Amherst, Gen. and Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces for the Invasion of Canada.

Ezra Thompson....Apr 2, 1759. Out in 1758 at Crown Point. Age 23.
Apr 2 to Nov 29. 34 weeks 4 days 15.11.02

Joseph Darling Mar 24, 1759. Out in 1755 at Crown Point. Age 23.
In Capt. William Jones' Com. (Holliston) Ex. to Crown Point, from May 7, 1759 to Jan. 4, 1760.

Stephen Thompson, Corp. Apr. 26 to Dec 10. 32 weeks, 5 days 15.15..07