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Records pertaining to the name
THOMPSON in Blackstone, MA

Proprietors Record.

Granted & taken up by them. which is the foundation of all after divisions of upland, meadow & swamp according the committee's rules as in page the first as followeth.-- John Thompson, a forty acre lot.

His is the first name on this list! He is one of 12 that received 40 acres. The largest amount..

Source: BLACKSTONE, Massachusetts' " A Town History Through 1995", Pub. by the Blackstone Historical Commission.

The first known mill on the Blackstone River was Samuel Thompson's corn Mill. Gristmills were added to the north and east banks of the same river. "Island Industry" Pg. 26:

The Island at Millville (was Blackstone till 1916) was the nerve center of west Blackstone industry during the 18th and early 19th centuries. A true island, it sits in the Blackstone River, exactly where the historic Central St. bridge connects two banks. In fact, the island serves as a foundation for the center abutments of the bridge. To modern eyes, it doesn't seem possible that the island could support even one milll, let alone several. But between 1732 and 1835, Samuel Thompson's gristmill. a fulling mill and the Thayer and Fairbanks satinet mill were among those built on the island. The Satinet mill, known as the "Island Mill" was erected in 1835 and located a mere 27.5 feet distance from Samuel Thompson's 1732 Gristmill.

In 1937 , Millville antiquary A. Fredrick Anderson discovered Samuel Thompson's 18th century mill stone at the rivers edge, after a flood unearthed it. Mr. Anderson had the mill stone inscribed. Today it is mounted in front of the the Millville Municipal Center (formerly Longfellow School) See Photograph.

Source : History of The Town of Blackstone, Mass. 1845-1945:
Edited by Paul Fitzgerald:

"Millville Village:
In 1721 Daniel Darling settled in Millville. Other settlers came slowly, and in 1727 Samuel Thompson set up the first Grist Mill on the island in the "Great River", as the Blackstone was then called."

William Blackstone and William Baulstone

.. Seems a few have the two mixed.. :)  Well histories are close in some areas.. Anyway in reading the W. Blackstone history, I seen this, a tidbit but cute. :)

"William Blackstone - Who is he? " Brochure "the Blackstone River Valley" produced by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council. " The 28-year old bachelor built a cottage on the south side, of what is now Boston's Beacon Hill. His nearest English neighbors were one M. Walford. who lived in Charlestown and a Mr Maverick and a Mr. Thompson who dwelt on islands in Massachusetts Bay, that still bear their names."

This is in paragraph after 1623, when the Robert Gorges expedition sailed to NE and when the venture failed and most chose to return to England, but Blackstone decided to stay in the new world.

Alice Palladini

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