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Greetings, Enclosed is most of my research on Charles Blancher Thompson's literature, and those about him. May it be well noted that the volume over shadows any Thompson in our genealogy.

Literature by & about CBT-Jan. 28, 2009

Literature by CBT

  1. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Evidences in the Proof of the Book of Mormon, Type: Book, Publisher: Batavia, New York, D. D. Waite, 1841
  2. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Zion’s Harbinger & Baneemy’s Organ, St. Louis, MO and Preparation, Iowa. (Charles Blancher’s testimony Vol. 2:No. 4, Nov. 1852)
  3. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Deposition of Charles Blancher regarding Preparation, Iowa: in St. Louis, Missouri, 1863. Dictated to a legal recorder.
  4. Thompson, Charles Blancher, The Nachash origin of the black and mixed races, Type: Book Publisher:George Knapp & Co. St. Louis, 1860, pages 84.
  5. Thompson, Charles Blancher, (Preface and Errata of the) Great Divine Charter and Sacred Constitution of IABBA's Universal and Everlasting Kingdom. Type: Book, Publisher: Philadelphia : s.n.,1870 (date on the third title page) and 1873.
  6. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Stewardship of the Shiloh, Publisher: [19--] Note: This is a typewritten work of an available incomplete book of Great Divine and Sacred Constitution of IABBA’s20Universal and Everlasting kingdom. The title was improvised to identified that copy.
  7. Thompson, Charles Blancher, The laws and covenants of Israel, written to Ephraim, from Jehovah, the mighty God of Jacob. Also, Ephraim and Baneemy's proclamations, Type: Book: Publisher: Preparation, Iowa, Printed at the book and periodical office of Zion's Presbytery, 1857.
  8. Thompson, Charles Blancher, The voice of Him!! that crieth in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord!!! , Type: Book, Publisher: St. Louis : s. n., 1848
  9. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Baneemy's organ, and Zion's harbinger, Serials/Magazines/Newspapers : Periodical : Three times a year; Publisher: Preparation, Iowa :1855.
  10. Thompson, Charles Blancher---Letter to Joseph Smith, Jr. from Batavia, NY, Feb.2, 1841
  11. Bringhurst, Newell G; Strang, James Jesse; Thompson, Charles Blancher, Forgotten Mormon perspectives: slavery, race and the black man as issues among the Non-Utah Latter-Day Saints, Type: Archival Material 1844-1875, 1884, 1976.
  12. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Ephraim and Baneemy’s Proclamations, Type: Book: 208 pages, Church printing house, Preparation, Iowa; 1857
  13. Thompson, Charles Blancher, Cypiz Herald and IABBA’s Evang el, Type: Periodical, Philadelphia, PA, 1888/1889 THE VOICE OF HIM’ was issued from St. Louis, MO


    Printing presses: At Nauvoo, IL; TIMES and SEASONS Far West, MO: Reprints of the Elders Journal from Kirtland, Ohio Kirkland, Ohio: The ELDERS JOURNAL of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Independence, MO The MORNING STAR

    Poem- of CBT & Strang
    Hymn by CB

Literature about CBT: by author

  1. Arrington, Leonard J, & Bitton, Davis, The Mormon Experience, page 90
  2. Braby, Junia, Harbinger of Zion or Master of Humbuggery,
    1. Article in John Whitmer Historical Association Journal, Vol. 23, p. 149
    2. Mentioned in Mormon History Association: Mormon History Selected Periodical Articles Notices by Mel Bashore 2003 2004 January 2004
    3. News Letter-Mormon History Association, January 2004, Volume 39.5 No.1, page 7
  3. Briggs, John Ely, The Palimpest, Volume VIII, January to December 1927, “A Minor Prophet in Iowa” by F. R . Aumann, p. 253 The State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1927
  4. Bringhurst, Newell G. & Hamer, John C. Scattering of the Saints: Schism within Mormonism, paper back 347 pages, p. 5, 6 (in figure 1.3 )
  5. Carmer, Carl Lamson, The Farm Boy and the Angel, Garden City, New York; Doubleday & Compant, Inc. 1970 , page
  6. Chase, Sherwin , (Research paper), Calender of Publications of Charles Blancher Thompson, “Baneemy”, 10 July 1982
  7. Chase, Sherwin, (Research paper-revised Nov. 19, 1982), Events in the Life of Charles Blancher Thompson
  8. Cook, Lyndon W. and Milton V. Backman, Jr., Kirtland Elders’ Quorum Record 1836-1841, Provo, Utah: Grandin Book Co., 1985, RLDS Library Archives :CBT opposed Joseph Smith’s teaching on Daniel’s prophecies, “Words of Joseph Smith”, by Cook, Lyndon. 8910. page 276
  9. Davis, Inez Smith, The Story of the Church: The Community at Preparation, <>
  10. Flanders, Robert Bruce, The Mormons who did not go West: a study of the emergence of the Reorganized, Pub. University of Wisconsin, 1954, 330 pages, page 29
  11. Flanders, Robert Bruce, Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi (Footnote p. 274 )
  12. Heller, Phyllis A, ‘Charles Blancher Thompson’ <>
  13. Launius, Roger D. The Kirtland Temple: a historical narrative, Independence, Missouri: Herald Publishing House, 1986
  14. Marks, Hon. C.R., (Constant R. ) Monona County Iowa, Mormons (A paper read before the Sioux City Academy of Science & Letters on January, 1898, and printed in volume 1 of the proceedings of that organization)
  15. Moeller, Hubert L., Our Iowa Its Beginning and Growth: Religious Colonists in Iowa; a Mormon colony; New York, Newsom and Company: 1938
  16. Morgan, Dale L, Refers to CBT in one of his four leaflets, RLDS Church Reference: Shields, Steven L., Divergent Paths Of the Restoration, page 51
  17. Morgan, Dale L. A Bibliography of the Churches of the Dispersion, pgs 114,115,147-157
  18. Roberts, B. H. Comprehensive History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1930, Volume 2
  19. Shields, Steven L. Divergent Paths of the Restoration, A History of the Latter Day Saint Movement, Fourth Edition, Revised & Enlarged, Independence, Missouri, Herald House, 2001
  20. Thompson, Quintin S. (research paper), CBT and the Le Roy Gazette, 2004 =0 D
  21. Walker, Ronald W., Whittaker, David J., & Allen, James B. Mormon History, University of Illinois Press, Urbana & Chicago, Illinois p. 205 & p. 278 re: CBT’ s book Evidences---

Literature about CBT: by title

  1. Church History in the Fulness of Times-the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Prepared by the Church Educational System, Salt Lake City, Utah; Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
  2. File #24259-Charles Thompson, Nauvoo, Illinois, Nauvoo Restoration, Inc.
  3. History of Monona County, Iowa; Chapter XX-Spring Valley Township
  4. History of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Volume 3: 1844-1872, Independence, Missouri, Herald House
  5. History of Western Iowa, Sioux City, Iowa, Western Publishing Company, 1882
  6. Birth certificate: (QST note: The information on this document was submitted by his grand-daughter Grace Emma (Thompson) Wilcken, Lewis. Turnbow
  7. Death Certificate, Type: Archival Material; Brigham Young University Library Provo, UT 84602.
  8. Times and Seasons, periodical
  9. Warsaw Sentinel, mid-January 18__. mentions Thompson-David Marks debate
  10. 'Thompson at Preparation 1847' on map 'Scenes of Early Church History 1820-1880’s' drawn by Ronald Romig with illustrations by Henry Inouye.
  11. Newspaper clippings from:
    1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Daily Sentinal quote from Iowa State
    2. Democrat, Oct 18, 1858
    3. Philadelphia Inquirer, July 30, 1888
    4. New York Times, July 31, 1888
    5. Obituary: Public Ledger Mar. 1, 1895
  12. The word 'Preparation' on the wall map at the Mormon Museum near Council Bluffs, Iowa
  13. Tourist Literature about Loess Hills and Preparation by the State of Iowa.
  14. Wikipedia, Charles Blancher Thompson
  15. Photo Copy of Philadelphia Death Register # 18065
  16. Photo Copy of Return of a Death in the City of Philadelphia #18065 Physician’s Certificate
  17. Photo copy of transposed information of Death Certificate #16033, City of Philadelphia, Department of Records, City Archives, Suite 942, 401, North Broad Street, Phila., PA 19108.

Quintin S. Thompson

The documents are direct quotes and should not be taken and used as one's own work without identifying the source.

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