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Extracts from the
Council for New England records....

5th of July 1622: "It is ordered that David Thomson do attend the Lords, with a petition to his majesty for forfeits committed by Thomas Weston. As also to solicit the Lords for procuring from his Majesty a proclamation concerning the fishermen of the western parts. Likewise to procure some course for punishing their contempt of authority."

24th of July 1622: "Mr. Thomson is appointed to attend the Lords, for a warrant to Mr. Attorney-General for drawing the new patent."

8th of November 1622: "Mr. Thomson is ordered to pay unto Leo. Peddock L10 (ten pounds) towards his pains for his last employments to New England."

11th of November 1622: "Mr. Thomson is appointed to attend Sir Robert Mansell," concerning Captain Squibb's commission.

15th of November 1622: "Mr. Thomson and the clerk" are directed to "see the tun of iron weighed" to be sent to Whitby. And on the same day "Mr. Thomson is appointed to solicit Capt. Love to pay in the L40 for which Sr. Saml. Argall standeth engaged," etc.

16th of November 1622: "It is ordered that Mr. Thomson solicit the adventurers for payment in of their moneys" ; and under the same date,"Mr. Thomson's patent was this day signed by the above said Council."

3rd of December 1622: "Mr. Thomson prepoundeth to have order from the Council for transportation of ten persons with the provisions for New England. And the persons so transported to pay the Council for the usual rate for their transportation, after the expiration of two years."

source: Massachusetts Historical Society 1876
A paper delivered by Mr. Charles Deane pp 358-381
submitted by Genevieve Fraser

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