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Dorchester Petition of 1641

Here's the 1641 Dorchester petition about Thompson's Island.  Please note how John Thompson's name is spelled vs. Thomson Island and David Thomson.  John clearly changed it to the English spelling. Also note how the H is formed in Thompson and Thomson.  That was the way the H was typically written at that time.  Now contrast it to John's signature and his formation of the letter H and how it is identical to the H in the Mendon petition.

Gen Fraser

Dorchester Petition concerning Thompson Island - 1641 Attention All Tommies:

Has anyone seen the transcription to this Dorchester Petition?  I thought I had a copy from the Mass Bay Court documents, but was unable to find it, though the petition itself is mentioned.

If we can't find the transcription...perhaps people could submit what they think the document says.  Though I can figure out a few words, other Tommies seem better at that task and I look forward to reading their interpretation.

Good Luck,


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