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Thompson Island

This page dedicated to information about Thompson Island. On his web site, Dick Hodgman has assembled a few  maps and a satellite view of Thompson Island.

This is the official Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center web site 

Four depositions relating to THOMPSON'S Island are published in NEHGR 9:248 [1855]:

  1. I Wm. TREVOUR &c that "Thompsons Island" is "the" formerly called "Island of Trevour" which I took possession of in 1619 and declared the same (as the effect of my proceedings) to Mr David THOMPSON in London; on which information the said T. obtained a grant and patten for peaceable and quiet possession of said island to him and heirs forever: I being in the Company's service at the said time. To this I testify on oath 27 of 2d mo 1650. Deposed the day before named before me Icr. Nowell.
  2. I Wm. Blaxton testify that the Island called Thompson's I. is by Dorchester neck, and that I heard ould Mr. Thompson affirm that he had a patten for it and that there is an harbour in that island for a boate which none of the rest of the islands had and that these that put hoggs there doe it by his consent to my knowledge. Taken upon oath this 5th of the 5th mo 1650. William Hibbins
  3. I Saggamore of Aggawam testify that in the yeare 1619: or thereabouts as I Remember I went in my owne person with Mr David THOMPSON and then he took possession of the Island before Dorchester he likeing no other but that because of the Smale River and then no Indeans upon it or any wigwam or planting not hath been by any Endeans inhabbited or claimed since but two yeares agoe Harmlen an old Indian of Dorchester witnes my hand this 13th of July before Mr Greenleafe 1650. Edmund Greenleafe July 15th 1650
  4. I doe testify that in the yeare 1620 I came into this Country and I take it the same yeare I was in the Massachusett Bay with William Trevoyre and then being upon the Island lying neere Dorchester And called the said Island; Island Trevoyre and then no natives there inhabiting neither was there any Signe of any that had been there that I could perceive nor of many many yeares after. Miles STANDISH Further I Cann testify that David THOMPSON shewed me a very Ancient Pattent and that Isle Thompson was in it but the termes of it I cannot remember. Miles STANDISH Deposed before the whole court 25th October 1650. Edmund RAWSON, Secretary

Contributed by Don Bryant

The documents are direct quotes and should not be taken and used as one's own work without identifying the source.

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