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This page will focus on the discussion of whether Miles THOMSON of Kittery, Maine was the son of David and Amias THOMSON. Here are some comments made by group members on the subject.

  • A Miles THOMPSON is mentioned in the court record of Boston 27 May 1643.  This would fit with Miles being the son of David Thomson and Amias Cole, as Amias was remarried and living in Boston during that time frame.
  • Could the infant mentioned when David died be Miles??? and not John?? dates fit 1627;  David died  ca.  1628??? *see below
  • Miles lived in Kittery, ME, which is next door to the original Piscataqua settlement.
  • He lived on what was called the "Thompson" property...was it named after him or David  & Amyes??
  • He was born ca. 1626/7 which would be well-timed in David's and Amyes' lives.
       A. David was still living.
       B. D & A's previous child, Ann-2, had been baptised (see Devon Parish records) in 1620 and died shortly thereafter.
  • In later years, Amyes and her daughter Mary Maverick Palgrave Hooke lived in Kittery as well. Were they on the "Thompson" property, too? Were they there because Miles was there? Or is it mere coincidence?

* From "Robert Chapman - David Thomson Allied Family Lines"

"Because the legal term in England and New England was "infant" for a minor child who had not yet reached his majority, some genealogists have apparently been confused by the fact that David's son, John, was termed an "infant" at the time of his father's death. ... Since John was born ca 1619, he was about 8 or 9 years old when his father died, and was properly termed legally an "infant" in the records of the Courts."
NOTE: Doesn't mean there were not other children.

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