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The son, Caleb BLOOD, of Isaiah BLOOD and Martha6 (THOMSON) (John5-John4-John3-John2-David1), became a Baptist minister.

Nathaniel Green, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Charlton (where the BLOOD family moved after leaving Bellingham) wrote the following recommendation about Caleb when he was licensed to preach:

"The Church of christ in charlton, in the Baptist Constitution, to our Sister churches in the same order, wishing you much grace, mercy, and peace, through the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ, Our Lord: These are to signify to you that our brother, Caleb Blood, is in good standing with us, and is a regular walkerboth in the world and in the Church of God; and he has manifested to us that he has a call to preach the Gospel, upon which we have taken opportunity to examine him and improve him in the work of preaching and it does appear to us, that he had a gift for the labor; and we recommend him into you as such, desiring that you may improve him among youin preaching and then give the same if you are satisfied with him in the work. So we subscribe ourselves you brethern in the land."(15 DEC 1777)

                           "Rural Vermont Minister"

"Soon after the settling commenced, ministers of the gospel might be seen traversing the woods and hunting up the scattered sheep in the wilderness. They would ride on horseback or go on foot, as they might be able, with no other equipage than a bridle, a saddle, and a pair of saddlebags containing a Bible, Psalm book, and a spare shirt or two, or, if on foot, with less baggage. Thus equipped, they would travel through the woods, mud and snow, preaching at the doors of log houses, or in the forest, anywhere that was most convenient. And in some cases, they have been overtaken in storms, lost their way and have lain out all night, witness this in Elder Caleb BLOOD."

This was taken from Smith, Henry P. and Rann, Wm. S,"History of Rutland County, VT," (1882), p. 760.

Contributed by Betty Sullivan

The documents are direct quotes and should not be taken and used as one's own work without identifying the source.

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