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Received 16 June 2001 from Michelle Bell

I am a genealogist. I happened to be in Rome NY last week and went through some antique stores. In one of them was a sterling Christening mug for a Samuel P. Thompson. The inscription says To Samuel P. Thompson From His Grandmother. I purchased it and am trying to return it to the right family. 

It is quite ornate and beautiful and is numbered on the bottom. It was suggested I put a message out on your website. I can't even guess the age. I would say well over 100 years. Maybe 1800's? I am sure a silver smith could probably help date it. The stamp above the # says Wilcox Silver, we may be able to date it that way. At any rate I have no use for it but felt it shouldn't just be in an antique shop, it belonged to the family. Rome is near Syracuse NY if that helps. 


Michelle Bell

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