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Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England

by Savage, James; Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. (1986), Vol. IV,pp. 283-284:


David THOMSON at Piscataqua, sent out by Gorges in 1623, removed about 1626 to and island in Boston harbor, ever since called by his name. His agent, Wm. Trevore, had taken possession of it in 1619, to be proved by evidence of Sagawam, Trevore, and Miles Standish. David died in 1628, on the island.

John - infant in 1628 - of Dorchester, son of David, the first settler known in Boston harbor, had confirming evidence of his right to the island given by General Court in 1648; in APR 1650, pledged to two Bristol merchants the island for a large sum, payable in codfish at Marblehead or Isle of Shoals. Creditors had it in 1658, by appraisal of robert Sedgwick and Richard Sprague, for less than the amount of excpn. Was freeman at Weymouth in 1653.

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