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Source: The Thompson Genealogy by Adrian Scott & Henry Whitney,
Pub, by the Mendon Historical Society, 1913:

in the name of  the Lord, Amen. I,  John Thompson, Sr. of the town of Mendon. being sensible of  my own bodily  weakness and infirmities, the manifest alarms of my  hastening and approaching dissolution, acknowledge with all the humble thankfullness divine goodness, affording such an opportunity whilst blest with disposing mind to set my house in order before my   Earthly Tabernacle is dissolved, do make and constitute this my last last Will and Testament.

Item: I give unto my beloved and loving wife, Sarah Thompson. whose great love and pains I pray God to be rewarded, ten pounds, to be paid by my executor after my decease.

Item: To my beloved daughter, Mihitabel Haywood, the wifwe of Samuel Hayward, I give and bequeth the sum of, ten shillings, to be paid by my executor within a full year after my decease.

Item: To my beloved son-in-law John Aldrich, I give and bequeath the sum of, five shillings to be paid by my  Executor within a full year after my decease.

Item: I constitute and appoint my beloved and dutiful son, John Thompson, my sole executor, to whom (all debts and legacies, forementioned excepted) I give and bequeath all my lands, chattels, household goods, wearing apparel, and whatever estate I dye seized of.

Signed the 27th of March 1684 in presence of
Joseph White and Josiah Chapin;
Probated by John Thompson-2,
April 27, 1686, in Boston.

Contributed by Alice Palladini

Same will as transcribed by Norma Flude

In ye name of ye Lord Amen I  John Thompson Sen. of ye Town of Mendon, being sensible of  my own bodily weaknefses and infirmities, the manifest all=arms of my  hastning and approaching difsolution; acknowledging (with all the humble thanckfulnefs) divine goodnefs, affording such an oppertunity (whilst blefst with disposing mind) to set my Houfe in order, before my  earthy Tabernacle be difsolved, doe make and constitute this my last last Will and Testament.

ImpEs  I willingly & cheerfully assign my Soul unto God my Maker, my Body I bequeath unto ye Earth in hopes of a future & glorious Ressurrection decently to be inhumed; & that my funerall charges & Expences be difcharged by my Executor hereafter named.

Item  I give unto my beloved and loving Wife Sarah Tompson (whose great love and pains I pray God to reward) Ten pounds, to be paid by my Executor after my decease.

Item  To my beloved daughter, Mehetabell Hayward ye wife of Samuell Hayward, I give & bequeath ye sum of Ten shillings to be paid by my Executor within a full year after my decease.

Item  To my beloved Son in Law John Aldrich, late Husband to my beloved daughter Sarah Aldrich, I give & bequeath ye sum of five shillings to be paid by my  Executor within a full year after my decease.

Item   I constitute & appoint my beloved & dutyfull son John Tompson my Sole Executor, to whom (after all my debts & legacyes forementioned excepted) I give & bequeath all my Lands, Chattles, Household goods, wearing apparrel, & whatever other Estate I dye seized of.

Signed this 27th of March 1684
in prefentf of us
Joseph White
Josiah Chapin

Signed John Tompson, senior
his mark

This will exhibited for probate before the County Court sitting in Boston
27 April 1686 by John Tompson nominated sole Executor.

Joseph White and Josiah Chapin the two witnefses made oath that they did see John Tompson Senior signe and heard him publish this Instrumt to be his last will and Testament and that he was then of sound disposing mind to their understanding.

Jurat. Attest JSa Addington

Ebenezer4 (John3 John2 David1) Top

Source: The Thompson Genealogy by Adrian Scott & Henry Whitney
Pub, by the Mendon Historical Society, 1913:

b. 1 Oct 1677; d. 1747; m/1, Susannah (Rockwood) Hinsdale;  m/2 Dorothy Fairbanks; (my ancestor)

In  the name of God, Amen, the ninth Day of October in the year of our Lord 1747.

I , Ebebezer Thomson of Mendon in the County of Worcester and Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, Yoeman, being weak by reason of age together with lanquishing sickness therefore, calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed to all men once to die. I do make and ordain this my last Will and Testimony;

That is to say , prinsaply and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God Tthat gave it, hoping through the merits of my Saviour . Jesus Christ to have free pardon of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my body I commit tothe earth to be decently buried at the descresion of my son , Edward Thomson, according to the method of the place where he lives, and nothing doubting that at the general  Resurection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God;  and as touching those worldly goods and estate as herewith  it hath pleased God to bless me with, in this life, I give, demise and depose of the same in the following manner and form. That is to say, first. I will that all those dues and debts which I owe in right of concience to aney manner of person whatsoever shall be well and truly paid in a convenient time after my decease by my son Edward Thomson.

Item: I give and bequeth to Dorothy, mt beloved wife, my great Bible and her thirds in all my moveable estate, boath real and personal, during her life, and one-half of my movables tha tare in the house, I mean my housel goods, I give to my wife her own disposing ; the other half I give my daughter , Deborah Hall, or to my said Daughter's heirs , in case she should decease before me, said goods to be equily  divided between my wife and daughter imediate after my decease.

In the next place I give to my eldest son, Ebenezer Thomson, and to my second son Eleazer Thomson, and to my third son, Ezra Thomson  and Mehetable Rockwood's children. who was a daughter of mine, being now deceased,  and to my daughter Deborah Hall, equily together, two certian pieces of land laying in said Mendon , near Bellingham line, on the East side of Mill River, containing  one hundred acres-excepting ten acres on the southermost side of the southernost piece of said  land which I give to my son Elisha Thomason-my deceased daughter's children. all of them to have one share equil to one of the rest.

Futhermore I do likewise constitute and ordain my son Ezra Thomson , my only and sole Executor of this my last  Will and Testament and I do herby utterly dialow and disanul all and  every other and former Tesaments  and Wills, legacies and execution , by me before in aney ways. named willed and bequeathed, rattified, and confirmed.

This and no other be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal the day and year above written in the twenty first year of his Majesty's Reign , annoque, 1747.

his hand and seal signed, sealled published, pronounsed and declared by the said Ebenezer Thomason as his last Will and Testament in the presents of us,


Contributed by Alice Palladini

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The will of Nathan Thomson

He was born in Bellingham, MA; was an original settler of Partridgefield (now Peru), Berkshire, MA; and ca 1801 moved to Granville, Washington Co., NY. A photocopy of his handwritten will was obtained from the Washington County Clerk.

Copy of the Last Will and Testament of Nathan Thomson deceased Recorded June 15th 1815 ~

In the Name of God Amen. I Nathan Thomson of Granville in the County of Washington and the State of New York being of sound disposing mind and memory Blessed be Almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) Principally and first of all I commit my soul to the God who gave it and my Body to the Earth to be burried in a decent manner by my Executors hereafter named and as to such worldly estate as it pleased God to bless me with in this life I give and dispose of the same. In manner following~

Imprimis I will order and direct that all my just debts and former charges be Justly paid and discharged out of my estate by my Executors hereafter named~

Item I will order and direct that my beloved wife Dolly Thomson shall have a Comfortable support and maintainance out of my estate during her natural life and it is my will and desire that she should live with either of my sons that she may choose to live with that they do provide for her every thing necessary for food and Cloathing to make her comfortable during her Natural life and if they neglect to provide for her such things as are necessary for her support then it is my will that my said wife have her thirds of all my real and personal Estate during her natural life or so long as she remains my widow~

Item I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved sons Levi Thomson Nathan Thomson Asa Thomson Ezra Thomson Cephas Thomson and Martin Thomson All my Estate both real and personal to them their Heirs and assigns forever to be equally devided amongst them share and share alike they paying all my Just debts and maintaining their Mother as heretofore directed~

And lastly I do hereby Constitute and appoint my beloved sons Asa Thomson and Nathan Thomson Executors of this my last will and Testament and I do hereby authorise and impower my said Executors to sell such part of my personal or real property as may be necessary to enable them to pay my debts and no more and I do hereby revoke and dis____ all former will or wills by me made and declare this to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty fifth of Setember (sic) in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven.

Nathan Thomson |LS|

Nathan was buried in the Lee-Oatman Cemetery, South Granville, New York.
His tombstone reads:
Nathan Thomson d. May 22, 1815 in 68th y. "Parental instruction: 'My children let wisdom be your guide.'"

Contributed by Nancy Thomson -

The documents are direct quotes and should not be taken and used as one's own work without identifying the source.

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