C. A. Bjork
C. A. Bjork

The Church's Mission

by C. A. Bjork

Among the beautiful titles by which the church is named in the New Testament, she is also called "God's House, that is the living "God's church", the "Pillar of the Truth and Foundation." On this foundation rests the Christian truth through God's Spirit indwelling in this temple, God's and Christ's church.

God has given to the church gifts of many kinds, positions and powers: but all this is caused by the same spirit distributing to everybody as he sees fit. So we are many, only one body, but individually we are each other's limbs. Every member of the church has gifts for his calling, one or more "pounds" to manage in combination with the other members, and everybody must answer for the management of his "pound".

The mission of the church is to make Jesus and salvation known in the world. The church is the "city on the mountain", the "Light in the candleholder, that shall let its light shine through words and works. Her light is: Christ is your glorious hope. The church has an inner mission in itself, where every member ought to know his advantages and obligations in order to, in true humbleness, cooperate in the church's edification and betterment. When no actual hindrance is present no member should let his place in the sanctuary or other meetings be empty. All mission work must start at home, so with the church, and so with each member. Every member should love Christ and His Church so warmly, that he cannot keep himself at a distance. For many notice his absences more than this presence and that creates suspiciousness and sadness.

There is always work to do for every gift in a local church. There are souls, who are depressed by spiritual darkness and need, who need friend's sympathy and sharing, and others, in severe obsessions and on the verge to lose their faith in God and His church, and believe to be abandoned by all. Those must be visited. Others have begun to "cool off', neglect the Bible, fellowship with God and His children, criticizing and adverse in their minds. They must also be visited, warned and be helped. Besides those mentioned, there are sick and poor, who should be visited, encouraged and helped. This is the church's inner mission, not only the pastor's obligation but every member ought to take part in this mission according to his ability.

The church has also an outer mission besides its own local function in the area. There is the opportunity to spread to people, who need to be saved and be made awake. Every Christian person should do his best to get their people under the influence of God's Word and try to persuade them to attend services, be friendly to them, and so behave himself, that they receive respect and confidence for Christianity and be won for the Lord. This is the church's own inner and home mission. Beside this, she has her share in the inner and foreign missions in the homeland and on the foreign fields. And also, with prayer and money, support missions and welfare institutions. But in everything and always remembering Jesus saying: "The one who remains in me and I in him bears much fruit, because without me you can do nothing."

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