G. Anderson
G. Anderson


by G. Anderson

This, of Lord Jesus ordained meal, is a holy meal. Holy was also the time it was ordained, the last night of Jesus' life on the earth. Holy are also the sacraments: Jesus' body and blood; holy also the guests: Jesus' disciples and holy the purpose: "Without eating the flesh and drinking the Son of Man's blood you have no life in you." It is a new covenant in Jesus' blood between God and man.

Lord Jesus said, that He had desired to eat this meal with His disciples. With this meal the Old Testament Covenant ceased and a new and better one began. If Jesus had reason for this desire how much more ought every God's child desire this meal of remembrance? How many church members are there, who seldom take part in the communion? So how is it with the believer's communion attendance? How many who seldom partake of the celebration? What is the reason? In many cases they don't consider Communion's great significance. Those people need information.

Other people may have an unsavory attitude toward the pastor or other members and feel guilty by God's Word and their conscience. Wretched souls! At the Lord's Table they cannot partake they know, with hate in their heart, but with His table in heaven, where He himself will serve, they figure they can attend. Error! There will not be anything impure up there.

Jesus is still longing to meet with His friends at the Lord's Table. Come, you God's children. If you are weak; come, He will not crush the broken reed. If you are sinful, come, "He will forgive your sin, He has done that for me." Have you wronged your siblings in the Lord? Confess and make up. Let nothing hinder you from coming. Jesus is longing for you on the earth, but He is also longing to finally set you at His table in heaven, where you will eat and drink with all the saved ones. And in a higher and truer understanding be able to sing: "It is a glorious thing, that so in sibling's ring, at Jesus' Table sit with angels round about."

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