In 1888 a Young People's Society, or as they were called then: "Ynglingaforening", was started by nine believing young men. At the peak of the membership the number was 24. They had one meeting per week and their motto was: "Wholly for Jesus, wholly apart from the world". This has been the motto of our Young People's Society ever since. This is a high calling. May it not be empty words! They also made house visits, spreading of tracts, etc.

In December 1889 a sister society was formed consisting of believing young women. At the start, they had somewhat over 40 members. They had edification meetings every other Sunday and worked also through house and hospital visits as well as distribution of tracts, etc. The society gave quite a lot to the poor and had auctions, the proceeds of which was donated to the foreign mission. In 1894 the societies mentioned above were consolidated in... 


Since that time the Young People's Society has gone on with its work continually. Meetings of edification are held the first, the third, and the fifth Sundays in every month, when they either discuss a subject or a Bible text or a witnessing session is held. The Young People's Society has during the later years had a powerful increase (uppsving). It has grown in both outer and inner sense and has done much blessed work among the sick and poor through house visits, as well as hospital visits and home visits and distribution of tracts, etc. The society has since 1899 donated money to the China health mission, and last year $56.00 . was given. Also the society has been of help in other ways to the church. In the year 1900 the society donated a new organ to the church besides donations of rugs, laid in sidewalks by the church and helped pay on the debt. In the year 1902 $211.00 was donated to the church. Also the society owns a library of over 100 books. The society has grown each year except 1901-1902, when it went back somewhat from 48 to 47 members. Since then it has grown steadily. The membership is now 103. In Brother Berquist, the society has an excellent leader, who has done good work for the society, where there are many sacrificing young men and women, which are likewise doing fine work. The society is in truth a powerful "help-troop" in the church. This year the church has gathered $1,048.00 for the church debt.

Two years ago a group of young women formed a sewing circle. They meet once a month here and there in the homes. So far they have had two auctions and last year some of the proceeds were donated to the foreign mission and some to the church. This year all has gone toward payment on the debt. They are just now working on organizing their group. This is a good "school" for the young to learn how to work for the mission. About 50 persons have joined this group and are taking part in their work.

In the year 1893 another society was formed named "Den Svenska Hjalpforeningen" (The Swedish Aid Society). It consists of members from all the Swedish churches plus others, who do not belong to any church. At the 10 year celebration 1903, the sick help and funeral help totaling $3,466.00 had been paid out. Membership is now 140 and its balance $600.00. This society has their regular meetings in the Mission Church.

Swedish "everyday" school has been established since 1901. A student from North Park College is called for the summer, who then also preaches and takes part in the activities of the church. the number of children has been 61. This is one of the church's important missions as here is also Christianity (Bible) being taught. But many parents do not understand the importance of such a school.

One "lasbarnsklass" (confirmation class?) is being held every or "every other" year. When it is possible we try to have them in two years. This year there are 33 children enlisted and most of them attended last year also.




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