It has been good the whole time. There are members in the church, who have been real "lastdragare" (load pullers). In the beginning some givers gave up to $30.00 per year in monthly donations and then $27, 24, 18, etc. It is very interesting to read about this in the old cash books. It has always been a member's free choice to determine the size of his gift. That there were some who misused this freedom seems clear from the following protocol decision November 7, 1896: "That the cashier, when he reports the status of the cash balance also gives the name of those, who are behind in their monthly contributions". This decision however, was rescinded at the next meeting. The church has the whole time subscribed to: Mission-Synodan, Swedish Mission Covenant in America, to which the church is joined. Also funds have been contributed to district society or the State Mission. The church has also taken active part in the district's activities and shown great interest in its work.

The church has always been concerned for the poor people. One time during Pastor Olson's time there was a fairly large fund for the poor and the records show, that the church had taken up subscriptions for needy families. The same happens now also. We have, this year, taken up subscriptions for the needy, although members have been heavily taxed. May the church never forget its high calling to do its mission. May the funds for either the mission or the poor never be empty. "You have received for nothing SO give for nothing." The church's total income last year was $3,067.00, not including YPS and Sunday School income.

Church discipline has also taken place. The protocols show that members have been sometimes orally warned and sometimes stricken from the records. As painful as this might be, we must obey the Lord's word: "Drive out from among you the ones who are evil."

Besides the regular services, the church has regularly observed or celebrated the Lord's communion once a month. Services of edification have also  been held as often as opportunity has been found. These meetings have been of great importance for the edification, fostering and sound development of the church. A business meeting has been held once a month regularly.


During the years gone by many members have moved "home" to be with the Lord. Among them are quite a few who have been along from the beginning or almost the beginning. May the Lord console those who are left behind. And may the church remember those pioneers with gratitude because they had fought the good fight and won the crown. They celebrate a jubilee at home with the Lord. And possibly they are with us even here. Many members have moved to other places to do the Lord's work in other churches. A few are backsliders and wander around in a sinful world. May the church pray for them! Oh, Lord, bring them back!

Not a few are living in other places at present. Two of the church's members have graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary and are now out on the field. One of them, Karl Ahlberg, is pastor for "Brooraforsamlingen" (Brotherhood Congregation) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the other one, Gust Bengson, is traveling minister for Iowa Missionsforening (Iowa Missionary  Society). The membership in the church is now 254.




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