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Charles Blancher Thompson Time Line

 Part 1--The early years - (1812-1835)
by Quintin Sharon Thompson
Great grandson of CBT
August 15, 2003

Map showing the Travels of Charles Blancher Thompson (updated March 2009)

Literature by and about Charles Blancher Thompson (May 2009)

Year Age Events
1776 -- Shakers set up settlement about 2 to 3 miles from Niskayuna, NY (Watervliet area)
1800 -- Stone tramway built through Niskayuna: between Schenectady and Albany, NY
1812 -- Abram, his brother, born in Niskayuna, NY
1814 -- 27 January CBT born in Niskayuna, Schenectady Co., NY,
1817 3 1) 23 June Sara, CBT’s mother, dies
    2) CBT “brought up by strangers, my father hireing me kept by the week until I was eight years old,”
    3) Erie Canal authorized to be built
1820 6 US NY Federal Census-CBT’s whereabouts inconclusive
1822 8 1) CBT put out to earn his own living, which he continued to do, under his father’s direction, until he arrived at the age of 14 years
    2) Erie Canal Aqueduct built north of Niskayuna: Rexford area, NY
1824 10 Niskayuna population at 516
1825 11 Erie canal completed
1828 14 CBT starts to learn tailoring
1831 17 CBT “became deeply impressed with religious sentiments, and began to realize the necessity of serving God “
1832 18 CBT made probationer of Methodist Episcopal Church & is baptized (City of Schenectady ?)
1833? 19  CBT starts tailoring business at Watervliet Centre (Shaker area) near Niskayuna, NY
1833 20 CBT “became convinced that the Methodist church was not the Church of Christ, and accordingly withdrew from the church, closed up his business, and commenced travelling in search of the Church of Christ
1835 23 CBT at Kirkland, Ohio baptized a Mormon

U.S. history, family history, and CBT’s testimony in Zion’s Harbinger & Baneemy’s Organ, Vol. 2:No. 1

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Contributed by Quintin Sharon Thompson

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