This is a note sent to Nancy by Jim Thompson concerning David Thomson's involvement with the Plymouth Colony and their Thanksgiving celebration. He writes in response to the "Turkeygate" article written by Dennis Robinson and published on the Seacoast NH website. If you aren't familiar with David's role in helping the Separatists through lean times, the Robinson article is worth checking out. Jim's note adds some facts...

Subject: Two Thanksgivings
From: James Thompson, james.tee2@worldnet.att.net 
To: Nancy Thomson, nancy@funnybusiness.com

I looked at the URL and write up by Dennis Robinson. He does a pretty good job, and maybe that is the best way to treat it. Clearly, this was the second Thanksgiving, even though the word Thanksgiving was never recorded in connection with "The First Thanksgiving". Winslow sort of 'let the cat out of the bag' about this second one, but several authors do discuss the serious trouble that the Separatists were having, and the assistance that David gave Miles Standish in supplying food to the Colony. This supply trip was the one that is in the literature as David Thomson and Miles Standish visiting Trevore's Island (now Thompson's Island) in the spring of 1623. Almost certainly this was later--perhaps as early as June 15th, and as late as July 15th. The drought was broken at almost the same time, and the Separatists subsisted largely on David's supplies, until the favorable rains caused the success of the harvest that led to the First (named) Thanksgiving, in 1623. Bradford was particularly forgetful, as Dennis points out, and even Winslow must have wished he had not reported his earlier message.

You very probably are aware of it, but William Trevore (very possibly our g-father) is named as attending "The First Thanksgiving", in 1621. He shortly returned to Plymouth (with a detour, to the Bay of Biscay, courtesy of French Privateers).

Jim Thompson in Dallas

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