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Here's where we list contact information for each Thomson researcher along with their descendancy from David and Amias (Cole) THOMSON.

For information on our e-mail discussion list, check HERE.

We'll also include a link to a web site if requested. This list will grow as other THOMPSON folks come on board. It is alphabetical by first name. Once, while researching vital records in Providence County, Rhode Island, I found a town's births, marriages and deaths all recorded by given name for almost a decade. Thought it was oddly creative. Let me know (at ) if you want to be listed so others can contact you. We apologize if the addresses are not all current. The list was begun over fifteen years ago.


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Web Sites
Alice Palladini -
Alyce Thompson Elliott -
Becky Walter -  
Betty Sullivan -  
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Betty Lou Morris -  
Bill Grant -
Bruce Remick -   
Bud Crutchley - 
Charles L. Thompson - 
Cynthia Gray -  
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Daisy Thompson McClure -  
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) David B. Thompson - dthompso@MWT.NET
David R. Mc Loughlin -
  David Thompson -  
Dennis Howard -
Dennis J. Cunniff 
Dexter Edge, Jr. -
Dick Hodgman - WWWeb Site
Dick Thompson
Donald Engstrom -
Don Bryant -  WWWeb Site
Don Thompson -
Elaine Waiters -
Elizabeth (Blood) Gage
Everett Inman -  
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Evelyn Ruth Thompson - 
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Fernando E. Santos - 
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Fletcher Taft -  
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Frank Thompson -
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) George Bryan Thompson - 
Georgeia Mangione -
Gen Fraser -
Glen A Thompson -
  Howard Thompson -  
Jane E. Higgins -  
Jane Thompson Kuitems -  
Jeff Smith -
Jeff Thompson - 
Jeffrey Dreves - 
James Thompson -
Joan Albertson -
Joan Firth Kaysen - 
Julie Thompson-Miller -  
Lois Langenberg Kamoi -  
Marialice Thompson -
Mark Dixon -    
Mark Thompson - WWWeb Site
Mary Anne Thompson Dorman -  
Mary Thompson
Melvin Brown -
Merry Anne Rea -
Mike Kelley -  
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Nancy Thomson -
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Navena Hembree Troxel -
Peggy Hooper -    
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Quinton Sharon Thompson  
Red MacDougall -   
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Richard Cummings -  
Riley Mitchell Thompson -
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Robert (Bob) & Gloria Jones -
  Robert Thompson - rthompson14@new,   
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Robin Gae Richard Forrest -   
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Shirley Odsather - 
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Sid Telford, Jr. -
Red_Arrow2342.gif (101 bytes) Virginia "Ginnie" Mae Thompson  
Wilma Fleming Haynes -  

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